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  1. How The Chicago Reporter Made ‘Settling for Misconduct’

    By Matt Kiefer and Julia Smith

    Posted on

    In researching Settling for Misconduct, we had to account for details from hundreds of county and federal court filings, identify thousands of officers named in civil complaints and tally hundreds of millions of dollars in monetary awards. We also needed thorough reporting to connect issues of police misconduct to fiscal accountability. And oh yeah – we had to have a slick web app to present the data to the public.

  2. How We Built a Police Reform Tracker on a Platform Made for Rap Lyrics

    By Darryl Holliday

    Posted on

    How do you turn a groundbreaking 200-page report on police misconduct into a set of actionable, trackable reforms? City Bureau’s solution: an accountability tracker tool built on Genius, an annotations platform best known for decoding rap lyrics.

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