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  1. SRCCON Spotlight: Sometimes I Sit and Think About Evergreen Content…

    By Matt Dennewitz and Michael Donohoe

    Posted on

    A session on wrangling content, and learning from each other about how to solve common problems.

  2. SRCCON Spotlight: Every Day I’m Juggling

    By Gina Boysun, Lindsay Muscato, and Justin Myers

    Posted on

    Gina Boysun and Justin Myers led a session at SRCCON 2016 about how to handle competing priorities and build bridges across departments.

  3. SRCCON Spotlight: Through an iPhone Darkly

    By Joe Germuska and Lindsay Muscato

    Posted on

    Joe Germuska’s well-loved session on science fiction gathered presenters for short talks on real and imagined futures, especially focused on prescient representations of media, culture, and interconnectivity.

  4. SRCCON Spotlight: Accessibility in Media

    By John Burn-Murdoch, Joanna S. Kao, and Erin Kissane

    Posted on

    The session on accessibility and media run by Joanna S. Kao and John Burn-Murdoch in 2016 was one of our favorites, and deals with one of those topics that hovers at the fringe of most newsroom-dev conversations.

  5. SRCCON Spotlight: Building a Culture of Documentation

    By Erin Kissane, Lauren Rabaino, and Kelsey Scherer

    Posted on

    Last year’s SRCCON participants got a lot out of Lauren Rabaino & Kelsey Scherer’s docs session, and we’ve found ourselves returning to the transcript more than once.

  6. SRCCON Spotlight: Keeping Data Stories Human

    By Erin Kissane and William Wolfe-Wylie

    Posted on

    One of the SRCCON 2016 sessions that attendees talked about most was “Keeping People at the Forefront of Data Stories,” facilitated by William Wolfe-Wylie and based on his experience working on the CBC News project, “Missing and Murdered: The Unsolved Cases of Indigenous Women and Girls.”

  7. SRCCON Spotlight: Illustrating Investigations

    By Dolly Li, Allison McCartney, and Lindsay Muscato

    Posted on

    Recap of the 2016 SRCCON session by Allison McCartney and Dolly Li on creating compelling visuals for abstract stories

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