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Articles tagged: SRCCON:POWER-Q-A

  1. Turn Your Critical Lens Inward

    By Lindsay Muscato and Rachel Schallom

    Posted on

    Our Q&A; with SRCCON:POWER speaker Rachel Schallom on why industry coverage matters.

  2. Turn Your Critical Lens Inward, Pt. 2

    By Ben Mullin and Lindsay Muscato

    Posted on

    SRCCON:POWER speaker Ben Mullin on why media organizations must have more transparency.

  3. You Have the Power to Make Change Now

    By Robert Hernandez and Lindsay Muscato

    Posted on

    SRCCON:POWER speaker Robert Hernandez on how horizontal loyalty can change how you perceive what’s possible.

  4. More Tech Will Not Save Us from Disinformation

    By Lindsay Muscato and Britt Paris

    Posted on

    Britt Paris previews her talk on audiovisual fakes and tech’s hidden power structures.

  5. We Are Never Neutral

    By Lindsay Muscato and Sara Wachter-Boettcher

    Posted on

    SRCCON:POWER speaker Sara Wachter-Boettcher previews her upcoming talk.

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