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  1. Watch Parties: Reaching New Audiences, and a New Place of Vulnerability

    By Sisi Wei

    Posted on

    How we planned and ran the SRCCON 2020 Watch Parties

  2. Video Synchronization for Collective Viewing

    By Brian Chirls

    Posted on

    POV’s Brian Chirls on why video sync is a giant pain and how to make it work.

  3. Empire: Lessons from Pushing the Boundaries of Web Video


    Posted on

    Brian Chirls introduces an ambitious video framework for a challenging interactive documentary.

  4. Forking Popcorn for a Journalist Audience

    By Joe Flowers, Adam Martin, Erika Owens, and Brian Williamson

    Posted on

    At the Mozilla Festival last fall, a team from the Broadcasting Board of Governors launched KettleCorn, their fork of the Mozilla video-editing tool Popcorn.

  5. How We Made “NSA Files: Decoded”

    By Feilding Cage and Gabriel Dance

    Posted on

    The Guardian’s Gabriel Dance and Feilding Cage break down their process, from storyboards and video production to major design changes and development challenges.

  6. Live Streaming History

    By Travis Swicegood

    Posted on

    The Texas Tribune’s Travis Swicegood explains how his organization handled a massive, unexpected wave of traffic when they became the only news organization closely covering the SB 5 filibuster in Texas.

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