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  1. Our IKEA-Inspired Kit for Newsroom Processes

    By Robin Kwong

    Posted on

    As special projects editor at the Financial TImes, I created a project management toolkit for the newsroom, designed to be useful to reporter and editors. My hope is that by doing so we can produce better journalism, create room for experimentation, and learn from our experiences.

  2. Practical Tips for Improving Mental Health in the Newsroom

    By Joel Eastwood

    Posted on

    Every year, roughly one in five American adults experiences a mental illness. Working in a newsroom poses particular challenges to mental health: the job typically involves a high-stress environment, long hours, tight deadlines, exposure to graphic images and videos, and an unstable industry with uncertain benefits and job security. This July in Portland at SRCCON, dozens of journalists, developers and newsroom workers sat down together to share their personal experiences with mental health.

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