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Robin Kwong is the Newsroom Innovation Chief for The Wall Street Journal, where he leads a team of developers and designers to prototype new formats, features, and tools. He was previously Head of Digital Delivery at the Financial Times.

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  1. How (and Why) the Financial Times made The Uber Game
  2. Our IKEA-Inspired Kit for Newsroom Processes

Articles by Robin

  1. How we used Google sheets to build a fully-working newsgame prototype

    The Financial Times found that spreadsheets made user testing easier, and rules structured around formulas led to simpler code

    Posted on

    As the Financial Times developed a newsgame for a series on companies that pursue profit with purpose, Google sheets gave them a way to quickly generate a playable, shareable prototype. Here’s how they did it and what they learned.

  2. How We Improved Visual Storytelling with Templates that You Can Use, Too

    The Financial Times developed a set of story formats now available to all

    Posted on

    How the Financial Times improved visual storytelling at scale, across the newsroom.

  3. How (and Why) the Financial Times made The Uber Game

    From reporting to prototyping to letting users drive

    Posted on

    An experiment by the Financial Times led readers through the life of an Uber driver.

  4. Our IKEA-Inspired Kit for Newsroom Processes

    Helping multidisciplinary teams manage projects more easily

    Posted on

    As special projects editor at the Financial TImes, I created a project management toolkit for the newsroom, designed to be useful to reporter and editors. My hope is that by doing so we can produce better journalism, create room for experimentation, and learn from our experiences.

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