Things You Made, April 26

Interactive features, project breakdowns, and best practices

(Texas Tribune)

What You’ve Been Making

A roundup of journalism and code projects from the last few weeks.

Dallas’ Public Housing Residents Struggle as Homes Become More Distant from City’s Core

(Dallas Morning News, April 13, 2017)
A data-heavy dive into Dallas public housing and its residents.

The Stats of the Furious

(Bloomberg, April 12, 2017)
Racing, chasing, charting.

Here’s What You Have to Earn to be Considered Low-Income in the US

(Vox, April 20, 2017)
When the rent is too damn high.

Vermont’s Response: Trump’s First 100 Days

(Vermont Public Radio, April 19, 2017)
VPR asks how its listeners are feeling, 100 days in.

Trial and Terror

(The Intercept, April 20, 2017)
Unpacking a database created using public records.

How Many Doses of Lethal Injection Drugs does Texas Have?

(Texas Tribune, April 21, 2017)
Texas’s supply of lethal injection drugs, tracked.

Trump’s 100-Day Plan, Annotated: Where His Promises Stand

(NPR, April 24, 2017)
Another example of NPR’s in-depth annotations.

The Nazis’ Neighborhood

(WBEZ, April 23, 2017)
Multimedia tour of hate’s headquarters in Chicago.

Even More

How access to tools shapes one’s worldview and perspective of technology. A guide to journalism + vicarious trauma. Explaining the #CitizenSleuth project. Notes on redistricting tools and data.

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