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(Since Parkland)

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What You’ve Been Making

A roundup of journalism and code projects that you may have missed recently. This week we focused on projects that zoom our everyday perspectives in or out, giving us new personal or historical lenses.

Since Parkland

(The Trace, Gun Violence Archive, McClatchy, NowThis, Global Student Square, ongoing) The human stories behind child gun deaths, collected by more than 200 teen reporters and enabled by a collaboration between multiple organizations. More in last week’s community call.

How the U.S. Weaponized the Border Wall

(Intercept, Feb 10, 2019)
New lethal wire; a long heated history.

Decades-old Arapahoe High School yearbook photos show students wearing KKK-like hoods

(Denver Post, Feb 15, 2019)

A local journalist’s dive into the racist, dehumanizing imagery immortalized in public school yearbooks. Also, here’s USA Today’s review of 900 college yearbooks, which found much more of the same.

This new California law is supposed to protect immigrant home cooks. It may help tech giants instead

(Los Angeles Times, Feb 18, 2019)
An annotated dive into a new law that limits entrepreneurs (and doesn’t know how many dumplings make a meal).

Even More Things

Resources for investigating visas. A curated list of immigration data resources, by PRI’s Angilee Shah. Launching Sahan Journal, covering the immigrant communities of Minnesota. A beautifully wrought personal history of immigrating, by ProPublica reporter Adriana Gallardo. How dress codes send sexualized messages to students, in The Pudding. A new data hub in Arizona: AZ Data Central (Twitter thread). The Audience Explorer analytics dashboard for small and medium-size news publishers. So many colors: scroll scroll scroll.

What else are you making? Tell us what’s happening.

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