Things You Made, February 27

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Things You Made

Recent projects and pieces that you may have missed in the deluge of coverage of recent school shootings and US politics, with emphasis on things coming from smaller and non-coastal newsrooms.

When It Snows, Chicago Police Ticket Minority Communities More

(WBEZ, Feb 12, 2018)
City data shows how winter parking regulations are selectively (unfairly) enforced.

Too Sick for Jail—But Not for Solitary

(Marshall Project, Feb 15, 2018)
How “safekeepers” are anything but safe, despite laws aimed at protecting them.

For People of Color, Banks Are Shutting the Door to Homeownership

(Reveal, Feb 15, 2018)
A yearlong investigation based on 31 million records.

Missouri Fought For Years To Hide Where It Got Its Execution Drugs. Now We Know What They Were Hiding

(Buzzfeed, Feb 20, 2018)
The result of a painstaking, in-depth investigation.

In Shadow of San Andreas Fault, Hundreds of Inland Empire Buildings Face Collapse in Huge Earthquake

(Los Angeles Times, Feb 9, 2018)
Explains how earthquakes affect the built environment, right down to the bricks.

Now That the Islamic State Has Fallen in Iraq and Syria, Where Are All Its Fighters Going?

(Washington Post, Feb 22, 2018)
Sankey, but map-y.

Two Nations, One Aquifer

(Albuquerque Journal, June 3, 2017)
We missed this one the first time around, but it was recently highlighted by the excellent Migratory Notes newsletter.

We Were So Glad We Read These

When a map leads abortion-seekers astray. A scholarly approach to voicemail archives. A reporting recipe, for local data. A project to preserve podcasts. Mapping prejudice in Minneapolis. How a river became a war zone.

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