Things You Made, March 14

Interactive features, project breakdowns, and best practices

From Univision’s How to America

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What You’ve Been Making

A handful of journalism and code projects from the last few weeks.

Vital Signs

(ProPublica, March 10, 2017)
A ton of data on U.S. doctors, all in one place. Also has an API.

The Invisible Hazard Afflicting Thousands of Schools

(Center for Public Integrity, February 17, 2017)
Investigating and mapping the toxic geography of schools and pollution.

My Trip to the DMZ

(New York Times, February 16, 2017)
Inside a tinderbox and tourist attraction.

The Infamous Practice of Contract Selling is Back in Chicago

(Chicago Reader, March 1, 2017)
A painstakingly reported, data-rich investigation.

The Wall: Explore the US-Mexico Border Fence

(Reveal, March 3, 2017)
What we know about the current border fence, with spotlights on eight particular locations.

We’re Halfway Through Trump’s First 100 Days. Now’s Your Chance to Grade Him

(Los Angeles Times, March 9, 2017)
A simple device for capturing readers’ opinions.

Out in the Cold

(WBEZ, February 26, 2017)
A choose-your-own journey, fueled by a reader’s question posed through the Curious City project.

How to America

(Univision, March 9, 2017)
Serving a community’s needs with an incredibly thorough participatory journalism project.

Jekyll in the Newsroom

({static is} the New Dynamic Meetup / New York Civic Tech Meetup , March 1, 2017)
David Sleight on how ProPublica uses Jekyll and Grunt to report some of its biggest stories (slides here).

Even More

Marble Butterflies. Aleppo in London + Berlin. McClatchy’s open-sourced election results tool.

Recently on Source

And (drum roll) OpenNews recently announced results from the first-ever news nerd community survey. Here’s looking at you.



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