Things You Made, May 17

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Things You Made

Projects from the journalism/code universe that you may have missed: gender imbalances, abuses of power, rising seas, new voters.

Bad Deals: Here’s How a $3,000 Trailer Ends up Costing $100,000

(Chattanooga Times Free Press, May 7, 2018)
Bad contracts, unfair invoices. A deep dive into the fine print.

Tracking the Gender Balance of This Year’s Music Festival Lineups

(Pitchfork, May 1, 2018)
Stats on nearly 1,000 artists booked at 20 big festivals. Seven out of 10 artists on festival bills are men or all-male bands.

How Work Has Evolved for Switzerland’s Women and Men

(Swissinfo.ch, May 14, 2018)
How professional stereotypes are playing out in Switzerland.

The Invading Sea

(Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel, Palm Beach Post, WLRN, ongoing)
A mega-collaboration about rising waters in South Florida.

Interactive Map Shows Where San Diego County’s New Voters Are

(San Diego Union-Tribune, May 16, 2018)
Quantifying who’s casting ballots. Most new voters didn’t choose a party.

The $3 Million Research Breakdown

(ProPublica IL, Chronicla of Higher Education, April 26, 2018)
A huge, document-rich investigation into a star psychiatrist.

More Things We’re Glad We Saw

How social media raises the profile of unlikely hikers. Slide to hear both things. The Studs Terkel radio archive is now live. A simulator for color blindness. What characterizes the neighborhoods of Seattle and New York. Playing with the shape of society. Inside an incredible Nigerian multimedia collaboration. Where journalism meets theater. Your Yankee salary is perfect if you like peanuts. “No one ever asked me such things before.”

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