Things You Made, Oct 24

Interactive features, project breakdowns, best practices, and updates

(Washington Post)

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Things You Made

A roundup of journalism and code projects from the last few weeks, some outstanding data visualizations, some deep investigations, some ongoing.

Most of Puerto Rico Has Been in the Dark For

(Washington Post, Oct 20, 2017)
Dynamic headline, subtle animations, and lots of data.

As Coal Plant Shutdown Looms, Arizona’s Navajos and Hopis Look for Economic Solutions

(Huffington Post, Oct 20, 2017)
Stark data and clear charts provide context on harsh choices.

Hidden Figures: How Silicon Valley Keeps Diversity Data Secret

(Reveal, Oct 19, 2017)
Inside the battle over disclosing demographics.

Benefit of the Doubt

(The Oregonian, ongoing)
A continuing, doc-intensive investigation into sexual misconduct complaints at Portland Public Schools.

Executive Order Deadlines Tracker

(The Intercept, ongoing)
A Trump tracker that remains updated and relevant, linked to lots of primary sources.

Where Can North Korea’s Missiles Reach?

(Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Oct 16, 2017)
Scroll through the scenarios; start packing for South America.

More Things

Calling 1,000 people to investigate a psychiatric hospital chain. Machine learning and Trumpspeak. Learning Fluency by Sara Simon: “The disregard of rote memorization is a failure of imagination.” One day of traffic in the Netherlands based on sensors in the road. Pilot testing new technologies for video at the New York Times. The powers and perils of news personalization. Mapping LGBTQ St. Louis.

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