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(Tampa Bay Times)

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What You’ve Been Making

A roundup of journalism and code projects from the last few weeks, with a little extra attention to pieces coming from newsrooms away from the US coasts and largest newsrooms.

Seven Days of Heroin

(Cincinnati Enquirer, Sept 10, 2017)
One week, 60 reporters, chronicling heroin in Ohio.

A Matter of Miles

(Tampa Bay Times, Sept 20, 2017)
How happenstance affects a hurricane.

New Driver’s License Requirements

(Washington Post, Sept 13, 2017)
Pulls driver’s license images from each state’s respective motor vehicle department. Shoutout to Lousiana.

How do Parking Tickets on your Block Compare to the Rest of Buffalo?

(Buffalo News, Sept 19, 2017)
Practical data on an everyday problem, presented thoughtfully.

The Wall

(USA Today)
An ongoing effort to chronicle the border and its barriers in images, video, and maps.

Uncovering Philly law enforcement’s secret bank accounts

(Philadelphia Weekly, Sept 20, 2017)
A data-rich dive into hidden financial documents.

How Irma’s Size and Strength Compare with Other Hurricanes

(Sun-Sentinel, Sept 15, 2017)
How Irma measured up.

More Things

How asylum seekers navigate uncertain ground. How The Economist does data journalism. Calling for transparency in online political ad spending. Scripts for mining data from social media platforms. Guys + suits + charts = audience research [PDF] for public radio. It’s an essay, it’s a spreadsheet, it’s a combination essay and spreadsheet.

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