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Things You’ve Written for Source Lately

A Few OpenNews Things

  • Peer data coaching: We recently announced a new peer-review program that connects people in smaller newsrooms with fellow journalists who can help them think through a data project. If you have a folder full of great data but no experienced colleagues to help you take the next step toward making it a story, this is for you!

  • SRCCON: We’ll be back in Philly on November 19 & 20 for SRCCON:LEAD, and the call for participation is open now through Oct. 7. This is a conference for people with leadership experience, people who aren’t in leadership but want to be, and for people who don’t want to be but know journalism leadership needs to be better.

Four of the Many Things You Made Recently

A roundup of journalism and code projects from the last few weeks, with a special focus on local or small teams.

People are leaving VT in droves. Where are they going?

(VTDigger, Sept 13, 2019)
From data reporter Erin Petenko: “I moved from New Jersey to Vermont in September, so I’ve heard a lot of opinions on people coming in and out of the state. It turns out the IRS puts out some pretty cool data on inward and outward migration, so I delved into that and mapped where Vermonters were coming from and going to. I also found a study that showed despite the popular politician’s line on wealthy people avoiding taxes, it was really middle- and lower-class people who were being priced out of Vermont — a trend reflected across the Northeast.”


(Marshall Project/Guardian, Sept 24, 2019)
A navigable documentary that conveys personal impact while showing a sweeping view of U.S. immigration right now.

You’re trapped. They’re cashing in.

(Tampa Bay Times, Sept 18, 2019)
An investigation that cracks open what’s happening to vulnerable patients in the mental health system.

Climate change and the Bay Area: Answers to your questions

(San Francisco Chronicle, Sept 15, 2019)
A climate change feature that’s regional and reader-centered.

More Things We’re Glad We Saw

A classic Source piece on self-care and surviving the news business by Tiff Fehr and Alyson Hurt. How to measure loyalty when thinking about membership. Nearly 200 journalists oppose harassment of their women colleagues in Chile. A visual guide on how to register to vote in every state, by Paper magazine. A visual guide to murals and mosaics in Chicago, by the Sun-Times. A guide for Indigenous investigative journalists, from GIJN/NAJA. On hosting a podcast from prison: “I’ve heard it said that there can be no communication until we sit together as equals. Working for Ear Hustle feels like that.” Visualizing the scale of 16th- and 17th-century Scottish witch hunts. Flowers in ice.

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