Wanted: Security Pitches

Contribute to Security Week, coming to Source in June

Metaphors for security and/or Daft Punk. (NeONBRAND)

Next month on Source, we’re running a week of pieces focused on security for journalists and news organizations—our first-ever Security Week.

We’ve always covered security, but we’ve consciously stepped it up this year in recognition of a president increasingly hostile to the press, a Border Patrol increasingly inclined to search electronic devices, and outside attacks on newsroom security becoming routine.

In early June, OpenNews is hosting an offline convening in collaboration with Amanda Hickman, director of the BuzzFeed Open Lab. Together, participants will create newsroom training materials to strengthen newsrooms’ approach to digital security. The next week, we’ll report back from that effort and run a range of other security-focused pieces—so if you’ve been thinking about pulling something together for your colleagues and peers, this is the time.

Send Us Your Pitches

We’re looking for pieces on:

  • How journalists can protect their sources, and how to communicate with sources, beyond downloading a secure messaging app
  • How newsrooms can communicate securely internally, with tools that everyone can use
  • How to protect data in new or time-tested ways
  • How to think strategically about spending resources on security
  • How to build an informed, pro-security newsroom culture
  • Other things you think your colleagues will be able to use

How to Pitch

To get a sense of what we’ve published before and the readership we serve, please check out our existing security pieces. Then email your pitch to source@opennews.org with your ideas by May 22.

We pay $200/article on publication for shorter pieces and $500/article on publication for lengthier deep dives and in-depth cases studies. Please specify your planned length and scope when you pitch.



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