Wanted: Your Syllabi and Most-Shared Resources

Source Guides collect resources—from our archives and elsewhere—to help journalists do their work

(Taylor Swayze)

We launched Source Guides a couple of years ago as a way of giving readers new angles on our archives—but it quickly became apparent that they’d work even better if they included external resources as well. Earlier this year, we opened up Guides to non-staff curators, and as we look toward the end of the year, we want your Guide pitches.

What Makes a Good Guide?

Our Guides are topical and narrow in focus—data cleaning and formatting, for example, instead of just “data”—and ideally combine Source pieces with other articles, resources, or even books. If you’ve taught a class on data, development, or design in journalism, you probably have a list of resources already on and that would make a great Guide with a few updates. If you find yourself returning to a few articles or posts over and over—or sending the same links to everyone who hits a common problem—you have the makings of an excellent Guide.

Why Should I Make One?

Guides are a relatively low-effort way to build canonical lists of helpful material for our community: if your pitch is accepted, all we need from you is the link list and a short description of each link. We pay a $200 honorarium for Guides, along with our lasting gratitude.

How Do I Do It?

Check our our existing Guides and then email source@opennews.org and tell us what kind of Guide you’d like to build, and we’ll get back to you right away.



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