Welcome to Security Week

Privacy, paranoia, tools, and journo-nerd tradecraft, all week long

(Alex Holyoake)

When the conversation in nerd-journalism concentrates around a particular topic, we sometimes assemble a theme week on Source to help collect the loose threads and encourage journalists (and designers and developers and data analysts) to document their related work. Sometimes they’re excuses for robotic fun, and other times a catalyst for difficult but necessary culture conversations. A Security Week in 2017, though, is a no-brainer.

We kicked off the week a little early with the publication of Ted Han and Quinn Norton’s essential new primer, Protecting Your Sources When Releasing Sensitive Documents. In the next few days, you’ll hear from the Freedom of the Press Foundation’s Harlo Holmes, get a rundown from our first-ever offline security convening, get a walkthrough on all-new levels of practical paranoia, and more. And in the meantime, roll back through Jonathan Stray’s epic Security for Journalists walkthroughs (part two) and the Defending Accounts Against Common Attacks, a guide/syllabus from our in-house security columnist, Martin Shelton.

Got a favorite security resource you’d like to pass along? Want to document something you’ve learned about keeping your newsroom locked down? Hit us at source@opennews.org or find us on Twitter at @source.



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