Journalism code and the people who make it

Roundup events Event Roundup, Sept 26

INN hosts tech workshop for news leaders, plus meetups around the world.

Event event writeup empathy SRCCON design Designing News Apps for Humanity

Designing News Apps for Humanity

Reader trust is fragile and easily betrayed, and competition is fierce. Newsrooms can’t afford to ignore the way our work affects our readers when their contexts conflict with our expectations.

Learning columns design If It Needs a Sign, It’s Probably Bad Design

If It Needs a Sign, It’s Probably Bad Design

Adding more text is a bad way to compensate for bad design.

Project tasseled cap NDVI satellite mapping water use sleepy bears Now This Is a Story All About How We Found the Wet Princes of Bel Air

Now This Is a Story All About How We Found the Wet Princes of Bel Air

How Reveal found Los Angeles’s biggest residential water users by using satellite imagery, QGIS and more: a non-layman’s guide.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Sept 19

Event Roundup, Sept 19

Global Investigative Journalism conference this week, plus a bunch of upcoming deadlines and still time to register for INN’s news leader event next week.

Roundup Source Project Roundup, Sept 15

Source Project Roundup, Sept 15

Here’s what we’ve been reading and scrolling through lately: document-rich investigations, special education in Texas, the boundaries of the South, the pros and cons of urban cycling, and more.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Sept 13

Event Roundup, Sept 13

News nerds are back in Denver this week, but for ONA this time. Plus, today is the last day to apply to the Reveal Investigative Fellowship

Event event writeup managing culture SRCCON leadership When They Don’t Want You To Lead

When They Don't Want You To Lead

It’s challenging to find your feet as a leader, even more so when you’re in an underrepresented group. For people of color, women and other underrepresented groups, there are structural systems and power dynamics in place that make navigating the workplace—and leadership—especially precarious. During SRCCON in Portland, we gathered to talk about our experiences and ideas for how to navigate shared challenges.

Interview Election Spotlight 2016 elections How (and Why) ProPublica Got Into the Elections Game

How (and Why) ProPublica Got Into the Elections Game

Yesterday morning, ProPublica announced two new projects: Electionland, a large-scale intiative to report on voting access and problems in the upcoming US elections, and Election DataBot, a comprehensive election-info data tracker and feed.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Sept 6

Event Roundup, Sept 6

It’s already time to start looking ahead to NICAR, plus lots of other deadlines and meetups this week.

Roundup Source Project Roundup, Sept 2

Source Project Roundup, Sept 2

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been browsing lately: Texas unholstered, an Instagram narrative, the richest data in New Jersey, and more.

Learning column discrimination design Discrimination by Design

Discrimination by Design

Discriminatory design and decision-making affects all aspects of our lives: from the quality of our health care and education to where we live to what scientific questions we choose to ask. Here are just a few of the many tangible, visual examples that humans interact with every day.

Project sharing social audio SRCCON GIFfable Audio at SRCCON

GIFfable Audio at SRCCON

Our SRCCON session was sparked by our work on an audio-sharing tool called Shortcut, which is a tool that makes it easy for podcast fans to share their favorite moments on social media. What seemed like a relatively straightforward project ended up spiraling out into a set of super-interesting questions around design, technology, and reasons why people share.

Project working better graphics How We Rebuilt the Wall Street Journal’s Graphics Team

How We Rebuilt the Wall Street Journal’s Graphics Team

The Wall Street Journal recently took steps to merge our print graphics department with our interactive team. Our new team is simply named Graphics.

Roundup field notes documentation SRCCON Field Notes from SRCCON 2016

Field Notes from SRCCON 2016

Three SRCCON participants share notes and learnings from this year’s conference in Portland.

Project run run run rio olympics JavaScript app gps audio GeoJSON How the Guardian Made RioRun

How the Guardian Made RioRun

RioRun is an “interactive podcast” that takes you on a guided tour of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic marathon course—all 26.2 miles of it—as you run. Here’s how we made it.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Aug 22

Event Roundup, Aug 22

The Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media Party is this week, plus local meetups in Singapore, New York, and Johannesburg.

Learning HTML syllabus D3 JavaScript CSS Interactive Data Journalism: A One-Semester Syllabus

Interactive Data Journalism: A One-Semester Syllabus

Data journalism draws on a remarkable array of skills—everything from statistics to graphic design to FOIA requests.

Roundup Source Project Roundup, Aug 16

Source Project Roundup, Aug 16

Here’s a handful of what we’ve been inspired by lately: new angles on the Olympics, an almanac of American national parks, striking maps of change in Delhi, and more.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Aug 15

Event Roundup, Aug 15

The Ponyter-NABJ leadership program application is due today, plus a bunch of upcoming Hacks/Hackers events.