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Roundup events Event Roundup, July 25

Event Roundup, July 25

It’s SRCCON this week, which means we’ll be in Portland, OR organizing sessions and a bunch of remote participation options.

Tool reality guri vr webvr JavaScript virtual Guri VR: Virtual Reality for the Rest of Us

Guri VR: Virtual Reality for the Rest of Us

Here are three tools for making VR in the open web, whether or not you’re a developer.

How-to security privacy tinfoil Digital Self-Defense for Journalists: An Introduction

Digital Self-Defense for Journalists: An Introduction

Digital self-defense is becoming an important part of the journalistic toolkit. Beyond risks to everyone’s digital lives—webcam hacking, email breaches, identity theft—people who work in newsrooms have even more at stake. Newsrooms are some of the biggest targets in the world for state-sponsored digital attacks, as well as more routine threats. Here’s how to build stronger roadblocks, making it harder for others to access our data without consent.

Roundup Source Project Roundup, July 13

Source Project Roundup, July 13

Here’s a sampling of recent projects that we especially appreciated—inspiring work that we loved exploring and sharing: Seattle’s dialogue on race, the high cost of police misconduct, the price of reigning in Southeast Asia, and more.

Learning Five Things I Learned Making a Chart Out of Body Parts

Last year, an interactive graphic about insurance turned out to be one of ProPublica’s most popular pieces of the year. I’m going to tell you about some things we learned in the process of designing and building it, from its bovine origin story to the challenges of visualizing an eyeball.

How-to google sheets winning tabletop.js JavaScript Feats Thru Sheets: The Wonders of Go-To Templates

Feats Thru Sheets: The Wonders of Go-To Templates

When you’re part of a tiny digital team, you find ways to make life easier for everyone in the newsroom. That’s why I created Feats Thru Sheets, an interactive, filterable, searchable database that can be reskinned for different types of stories and updated solely by reporters.

Roundup events Event Roundup, July 11

Events this week in Buenos Aires, New York, and Toronto, plus ONA fellowships deadline.

Project stylus archieml guns JavaScript How We Made “Make it Stop”

How We Made "Make it Stop"

The Boston Globe’s newsroom development team built “Make it Stop,” a powerful editorial statement on gun control after the Orlando shootings, in just 13 hours. Here’s how they did it — and the tools and workflows they made well in advance to enable (extremely) rapid development.

Roundup events Event Roundup, June 27

Event Roundup, June 27

Two opportunities this week to learn from Knight-Mozilla Fellow Sandhya Sandhya Kambhampati, plus a bunch of upcoming deadlines.

Project opennews News nerds, what do you need?

News nerds, what do you need?

We’d love to learn more about your experience as part of the journalism-code community through an exciting new survey

Roundup Source Project Roundup, June 21

Source Project Roundup, June 21

Here’s a sampling of what inspired us, what challenged our assumptions, and what became most beloved in our browser tabs: unstoppable opinions, traffic stops, Brexit clarity, Orlando heroics.

Roundup events Event Roundup, June 20

Event Roundup, June 20

Open Source Bridge and Datafest this week plus scholarship and fellowship deadlines coming up soon.

Project R nursing homes civic data csvkit Germany excel Investigating 13,000 “Good” Nursing Homes in Germany

Investigating 13,000 "Good" Nursing Homes in Germany

We built a web platform to help readers make better, more informed decisions about nursing homes for their loved ones.

Project Tracking Title IX Investigations

Tracking Title IX Investigations

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s latest news application, which tracks the U.S. Department of Education’s investigations into how colleges handle reports of sexual assault under the gender-equity law Title IX, grew out of extensive reporting on the subject. For us, it’s a testament to the power of collaboration and experimentation—here’s how it came together, why we rebuilt it shortly after launching it, and what we learned in the process.

Roundup events Event Roundup, June 13

Event Roundup, June 13

This week is the Allied Media Conference and Investigative Reporters and Editors, plus a bunch of local meetups.

Project tracker genius police spreadsheet How We Built a Police Reform Tracker on a Platform Made for Rap Lyrics

How We Built a Police Reform Tracker on a Platform Made for Rap Lyrics

How do you turn a groundbreaking 200-page report on police misconduct into a set of actionable, trackable reforms? City Bureau’s solution: an accountability tracker tool built on Genius, an annotations platform best known for decoding rap lyrics.

Learning errors failure Too Human (Not) to Fail

Too Human (Not) to Fail

Lots of everyday objects are designed to prevent errors—saving clumsy and forgetful humans from our own mistakes or protecting us from worst-case scenarios. Sometimes designers make it impossible for us to mess up, other times they build in a backup plan for when we inevitably do. But regardless, the solution is baked right into the design.

Project The Hamilton Algorithm

The Hamilton Algorithm

The secret weapon wielded by the Enterprise Visuals team at the Wall Street Journal is collaboration. A lot of it. For our latest project, which dissects the rhyme schemes of the hit musical Hamilton, our team of designers, developers and data journalists worked together to create a new data visualization type that could capture the lyrical complexity of rhyming verse.

Roundup events Event Roundup, May 31

Event Roundup, May 31

Hack events this weekend in Belgium, Chicago, Miami, and Buenos Aires. Plus, a new travel scholarship program from OpenNews to help you get to all these great events.