Census Reporting

The team at Census Reporter sponsored a series of amazing, hyper-detailed Source articles on working with the US Census. They’re collected here as a deep resource for journalists digging into the Census, whether as an expert, or for the first time.


  1. Well Hello, Census

    By Joe Germuska

    Posted on

    Joe Germuska walks through the iterative, human-centered process behind Census Reporter.

  2. Understanding Households and Relationships in Census Data

    By Anthony DeBarros

    Posted on

    The Census Bureau’s population counts make trends in household makeup easy to track. All you need are two things: an understanding of how the Census asks Americans about households and relationships, and where to find the right tables.

  3. Finding Stories in Census Data

    By Emily Alpert Reyes

    Posted on

    How to find the most promising needles in those gigantic Census haystacks.

  4. Marriage Data: It’s Complicated

    By D’Vera Cohn

    Posted on

    D’Vera Cohn on everything you ever wanted to know about marriage data, but were afraid to ask.

  5. When and How to Use Census Microdata

    By Robert Gebeloff

    Posted on

    A primer on working microdata magic with the US Census.

  6. How to Use the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey like a Pro

    By Paul Overberg

    Posted on

    All about base tables and how to get the best data from them (hint: ask good questions!).

  7. Pushing Hot Buttons with

    By Ronald Campbell

    Posted on

    How to use census data to find facts in a world of speculation.

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