Journalism code and the people who make it

Learning design On Repeat

On Repeat

GIFs and other looped images are mightier than journalists might imagine. Lena Groeger explains the legend, the myth, the GIF.

Roundtable front-end performance Front-End Performance with Vox Media

Front-End Performance with Vox Media

A chat roundtable from the News Nerdery Slack group focused on practical ways to make sites (and news apps) run faster.

Roundup events Event Roundup, June 1

Event Roundup, June 1

Journalism conferences this week in Philadelphia, Halifax, and throughout Spain.

Roundup events Event Roundup, May 26

Event Roundup, May 26

Friday is the deadline to apply to the Online Journalism Awards, plus many meetups and conferences coming up in June.

Event Beyond “Be Like Facebook”

Beyond "Be Like Facebook"

The SND judges’ controversial decision to give Facebook its “World’s Best Designed” award in digital—and the resulting unease in the journalism world—points to larger questions in our relationship with third-party platforms and our understanding of the scope of “design.”

Project scraping archiving data Tracking Amtrak 188

Tracking Amtrak 188

How curiosity and tinkering let Al Jazeera America publish historical data for a derailed train’s route without Amtrak’s cooperation.

Roundup events Event Roundup, May 18

Event Roundup, May 18

This week, journalist coders work on documentation in Portland while Hacks/Hackers in Toronto and Copenhagen tackle security.

Roundup events Event Roundup, May 11

Event Roundup, May 11

This week you’ll find events about archiving, security, dealing with harassment, mapping, and more.

Learning education Why Journalism Students Don’t Learn CS

Why Journalism Students Don't Learn CS

Opportunities overfloweth in journalism code—so why aren’t more journalism students signing up for computer science classes? Lindsey Cook reports back on a year of research.

Event culture international journalism festival events Data Journalism Problems in Europe

Data Journalism Problems in Europe

Zara Rahman reports back on surprising insights from the International Journalism Festival in Perugia.

Learning primer Audio in the Browser: Horrors and Joys

Audio in the Browser: Horrors and Joys

On the web, audio has never received the wide browser support that images and videos have enjoyed. What gives? What’s next?

Roundup events Event Roundup, Apr 27

Event Roundup, Apr 27

This week new Hacks/Hackers chapters start in Italy and Germany, and, tickets go on sale for SRCCON.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Apr 20

Event Roundup, Apr 20

Drones is a popular topic this week at meetups and day-long events.

Learning data Automating Transparency

Automating Transparency

Sometimes you write a piece of software and it gets used for purposes you didn’t quite imagine at the time. Sometimes you write a piece of software and it unexpectedly rearranges your life.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Apr 13

Event Roundup, Apr 13

Meetups this week throughout Europe as well as international gatherings in Perugia and Austin.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Apr 6

Event Roundup, Apr 6

Deadline to propose to ONA and SRCCON this Friday, plus events in the US, UK, and more.

Interview bots #botweek Bot Benediction, 2015

Bot Benediction, 2015

Our now-traditional #botweek closing peers inside our metaphors and the fragile magic of the bots we make, use, and love.

Roundup bots #botweek Attack of the Helpful Chatbots

Attack of the Helpful Chatbots

A roundup of the little bots that make daily research and administrative tasks easier and more fun.

Project bots #botweek The Strange Tale of FCCliefs

The Strange Tale of FCCliefs

It started as a joke and turned into hashing through thousands of Net Neutrality comments the hard way, then building a chatbot to post them and interact with curious readers.

How-to bots #botweek Die, Bot, Die!

Die, Bot, Die!

When and how to say goodbye to the bots when something has gone terribly wrong…or when no one’s really laughing anymore.

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