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Erik Hinton is a visual journalist on the Wall Street Journal's Enterprise Visuals team.

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  1. PourOver
  2. Tamper


  1. The Hamilton Algorithm
  2. Return of the Code Convenings: Elections and Updates
  3. Introducing PourOver and Tamper
  4. New Work in News Code, Feb. 13th 2014
  5. Model Analysis

Articles by Erik

  1. The Hamilton Algorithm

    How We Analyzed and Visualized Hamilton’s Rhyming Lyrics for the WSJ

    Posted on

    The secret weapon wielded by the Enterprise Visuals team at the Wall Street Journal is collaboration. A lot of it. For our latest project, which dissects the rhyme schemes of the hit musical Hamilton, our team of designers, developers and data journalists worked together to create a new data visualization type that could capture the lyrical complexity of rhyming verse.

  2. Introducing PourOver and Tamper

    Client-side superfast collection management from the NYT

    Posted on

    PourOver is an attempt to standardize an efficient and extensible model of client-side collection management, weakening reliance on server-side collection operations. Even on modern networks with beefy machines, the roundtrip to a backend is irredeemably slow for responsive UIs. Users aren’t encouraged to explore when every manipulation triggers a half-second pause. With PourOver, the server-trip bottleneck is gone because collection operations are done on the client. The hardest limitation becomes render speed, much simpler to improve upon than the latency of the internet.

  3. Model Analysis

    The New York Times’ Erik Hinton breaks down a Fashion Week special

    Posted on

    The New York Times’ Erik Hinton breaks down a Fashion Week colorbar special feature with bonus fancy math.

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