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Mandy Brown is the Executive Director of Publishing at Vox Media, where she leads a team building Vox Media’s platform, Chorus.

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  1. Building Collaboration Without Surveillance

    A brief interview with SRCCON:WORK speaker Mandy Brown

    Posted on

    SRCCON:WORK is coming up fast. In the run-up to the event, we’re publishing short interviews with the nine people selected to give talks to frame the participatory sections at the heart of the conference. Here’s our Q&A; with Mandy Brown.

  2. The Whole of Work

    The competitive advantage of the de-industrialized workplace

    Posted on

    In The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, Alain de Botton interviews a number of workers at a biscuit manufacturing company and concludes, unsurprisingly enough, that the place is rather dreary. The difference between a happy home cook and our listless biscuit manufacturing employee comes down to what Ursula Franklin describes in The Real World of Technology as holistic versus prescriptive technologies. In a holistic technology, a single person or small group of people carry through an entire process, from inception to sweeping the crumbs off the floor, making their own decisions and adapting along the way.

  3. Remote Control: Mandy Brown of Vox Product

    Introducing a new series on remote work in collaboration with INN

    Posted on

    In the first installment of our new series on remote work in journalism-tech, Kaeti Hinck speaks with Mandy Brown about her setup, her team’s approach, and her advice to to anyone who wants to go remote.

  4. Mandy Brown and Trei Brundrett on Vox Product

    Our Q&A on the Editorially Acquisition and More

    Posted on

    On Tuesday, Vox Media announced that it was acquiring the technology and co-founding team of the late and much-missed collaborative writing tool Editorially. We chatted with Editorially’s Mandy Brown and Vox Media’s Trei Brundrett about the team’s next steps, the probability of open sourcing more code, and the internal Vox hack week going on at this very moment.

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