Announcing SRCCON

It’s going to be wonderful and you should come

  • What: SRCCON 2014, the first OpenNews Source conference
  • When: July 24–25
  • Where: Philadelphia
  • How much: $150
  • Registration: Opens in May
  • Proposals: Open May 15th
  • Why: Because we love you
  • Mailing list: Sign up here

What Is It?

SRCCON is an event for developers, interactive designers, and others who love to code in and near newsrooms. In a nutshell, SRCCON is a conference built around conversations and collaboration, not lectures and onstage demos. Sessions will run as facilitated conversations and workshops rather than traditional conference talks. There will also be plenty of opportunity for hallway conversations and actual collaborative project work as well as assorted post-session mischief. We will open proposals for sessions on May 15th.

We’re planning enough structure to make it easy to participate without knowing everyone in the room before you show up, but we will all be in Philly to learn from each other and to build together, so come prepared to jump in.

How Do I Register?

Tickets will cost $150, which covers the conference itself and a couple of meals per day, plus snacks. SRCCON is designed to be a small event—about 125 attendees—so we expect that tickets may go quickly. Sign up for our email list to be notified when tickets go on sale.

And while you’re signing up, do us a favor? Think about someone you know who might love SRCCON but isn’t as likely to hear about it through the usual channels and give that person a nudge. We believe the event will work best with a mix of old hands and new folks, and although we’re doing outreach beyond the usual suspects, we need your help reaching the people we don’t yet know, but should.

Who Should Attend?

Newsroom developers and designers are at the center of our work at Source, but if you work or play with code as a journalist, civic hacker, open data technologist, or related role, you’ll absolutely fit in.

We expressly invite participation from underrepresented groups, and welcome all. We believe in the news code community’s goodwill, and we also believe conference organizers are responsible for providing clear expectations and processes for problems that arise. Our code of conduct will be published the same day registration opens, and if you come to Philly and feel vulnerable, we will have your back.

We Can’t Wait to See You

At its heart, SRCCON is an opportunity for an already amazing community to have time and space to learn, build, and have fun together in a focused way. We’ll be posting a lot more information about the event in the next few weeks, and registration will open in May. Tickets will go fast, so join the email list or follow @Source to get the announcement when we open the doors.




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