Call for Submissions

A renewed invitation and a new opportunity

See your name in lights. Or, you know, near cicadas.

Every time a newsroom introduces a new project on Source, a developer breaks down her process, or a designer explains his visualization choices, the archive of our community resources gets smarter and more useful. With the hustle of fall around the corner, we’re keener than ever to bring your projects and hard-won lessons to light. As always, we welcome your write-ups and code index entries—and we’re also inviting you to something new.

Source Learning is Now Open for Submissions

The Learning section of Source publishes articles that go deep and give coders inside and outside the news community a close look at journalistic problem sets—and the code, design, and ethical practices news developers use to wrangle them. Until now, publication in Source Learning has been by invitation only. Today, with 20+ case studies and in-depth guides published since Learning launched this spring, we’re opening it up to submissions. If you’re an experienced developer or designer working in journalism, we want to include your knowledge, advice, and expertise.

Give Us Your Best Tricks and Weirdest Problems

Not sure if your idea is right for Learning? Don’t stress. Hit us up via email (or find Erin or Kio on Twitter) and we’ll help you figure out where it belongs and take your piece from outline to completion.

Not sure if your piece is right for Source at all? if you’re thinking about it, it probably is. Showstoppers and award-winning features are great, and so are step-by-step explanations of especially amazing technical feats. But no project is too small for us to cover if it made you think, and the most troublesome projects often produce the most useful insights.

Bottom line: if a newsroom project taught you new things, or changed the way you work, we want to help you share what you learned, and share it widely. So if you haven’t submitted a piece to Source—or if it’s just been awhile since your last one—we’d love to hear from you.



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