Hello from SRCCON 2016

Source is in Portland July 28-29. Follow along with us.

(Lindsay Muscato)

This week, we’re in Portland as OpenNews hosts SRCCON, our hands-on conference about practical challenges in the journalism/tech world.

If you’re here with us, help us write up the experience and share what’s been happening.


We’re looking for writeups of SRCCON sessions, and also for a few writeups that cut across sessions and follow a single theme across the event. We’ll publish these on Source in August, and here’s what we’re looking for:

  • 1500–2500 words
  • Conversational, clear tone, aimed at working designers, developers, and data analysts in newsrooms
  • Enlivened by tech details, process descriptions, advice, and/or specific strategies grounded in SRCCON discussions
  • The ideal writeup is a slightly detailed narrative version of your own SRCCON notes—what you’d tell a colleague about things you learned or processed, with the links and resources you’d want to pass along to them.

Writeups pay $200, invoiced on publication.

Pitch us a writeup on a session or a theme by emailing source@opennews.org—we’d love your help bringing more of SRCCON’s wealth of shared knowledge to a wider audience!

If you’re not here with us, you can follow what’s happening thanks to the wonders of transcription. All the live transcripts.

This year you can also install a Slackbot to alert a Slack channel when transcripts are about to go live. Start your install here: http://srccon.org/slackbot/

On Twitter, we’re @srccon.

We’ll be posting even more documentation and writeups next month, and our next community call is August 11 at 12pm ET, where we’ll share some lessons from SRCCON.

Plus: oh hey! It’s not to late to take our news-nerd census. Whether or not you’re with us here in Portland, we want to know who you are. Take this quick survey, and tell us how we can support your work and career.


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