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  1. SRCCON Spotlight: Building a Culture of Documentation

    By Erin Kissane, Lauren Rabaino, and Kelsey Scherer

    Posted on

    Last year’s SRCCON participants got a lot out of Lauren Rabaino & Kelsey Scherer’s docs session, and we’ve found ourselves returning to the transcript more than once.

  2. What I Learned from Researching Newsroom On-boarding and Off-Boarding Processes

    By Sandhya Kambhampati

    Posted on

    As a Knight-Mozilla fellow, I wanted to do some type of research during my fellowship that could benefit the news community. During my 10-month fellowship in Berlin in 2016, I spent about eight months researching, collecting data and interviewing reporters, editors, managers, and directors about their on-boarding and off-boarding processes.

  3. Building a Guide to Open-Sourcing Newsroom Code, Together

    By Lindsay Muscato

    Posted on

    This week, eleven contributors gathered with us in Washington, D.C. to work on a new resource—a playbook for open-sourcing newsroom code. Together we hoped to tackle a question that’s come up again and again: how to help more newsrooms produce open-source projects, so that everyone can spend more time on great journalism instead of re-creating common tools, tech, and datasets from scratch.

  4. Field Notes from SRCCON 2016

    By Katie Jansen, Ebony Martin, and Zara Stone

    Posted on

    Three SRCCON participants share notes and learnings from this year’s conference in Portland.

  5. Hello from SRCCON 2016


    Posted on

    Source is in Portland this week for SRCCON 2016. Here’s how you can follow along with us.

  6. Writing the Patch for Communication Gaps

    By Michael Grant

    Posted on

    Don’t let a debrief go to waste. The SF Chronicle’s Michael Grant explains how to dig deeper, solve longstanding communication problems, and support the development and implementation of new ideas.

  7. How to Run Projects on Time—and Keep Your Sanity

    By Lauren Rabaino

    Posted on

    Vox’s director of editorial products on how to set up the processes you need to run healthy projects and a jubilant team.

  8. Better Documentation Is Within Reach

    By Noah Veltman

    Posted on

    Good docs help people use your work, but they have other benefits too. They encourage community contributions. They save you from your past self when you’re revisiting your own code six months from now. And they help you think: much like talking to a rubber duck helps you find bugs, carefully documenting your work for users helps you see it from a different perspective and design better code.

  9. ProPublica’s News Apps Guides

    By Scott Klein

    Posted on

    Yesterday morning, the ProPublica apps team released a series of documents outlining their coding philosophy, app design and development practices, data validation techniques, and more. We spoke with Scott Klein about how his team’s processes evolved and how they made the time to document it all.

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