Introducing Source Jobs

Newsroom Code, Data, and Design Job Listings for All

Shortly after we conceived of Source, we realized that in addition to the articles and code index entries we knew we wanted to offer, we’d need to make profile pages for the people and news organizations who were writing the articles and making the code. Since then, those profile pages have become an informal record of the community’s vibrancy and variety, and we continue to add profiles by the double-handful each week.

Today, we’re launching Source Jobs, a new place to list jobs for the newsroom designers and developers already populating our Community section—and for the curious developers and designers who don’t yet realize that their future lies in journalism. As the global journalism-code community continues to grow, our goal is to offer a simple, scalable listings service that newsrooms can edit on their own.

(It’s important to note that Source Jobs builds on the groundbreaking work of others who have maintained job lists for news nerds, including News Nerd Jobs and the Hacks/Hackers jobs newsletter.)

Your Org Page Now Belongs to You

As of today, we’re also opening up organization pages to be managed by a designated person from each newsroom. That person will have the ability to list jobs, add and remove people from the organization’s listing when staffing changes occur, and edit organizational descriptions and other metadata. We’ve already added organization pages for newsrooms whose staff have published work on Source, but all news organizations doing the kind of work we highlight on Source are welcome to request one.

Editors, Start Listing Your Jobs

News apps and data editors, send us a note to get the keys to your page, or to request a page if your newsroom doesn’t yet have one. Once you have access to an organization page, you can start listing jobs, which will appear on your org page as well as in our main job listings section.

Developers & Designers, Find a Newsroom Job

Each job listing includes a direct contact person you can get in touch with to learn more, as well as a link to a more detailed listing on the news org’s own site, if one exists.

You can snag the RSS feed for our Jobs page, and we’ll also be tweeting new jobs as they appear on @SourceJobs, a dedicated account.

Got Feedback

We always want to hear your comments, questions, and bug reports. Leave us a note here, email us, or find us on Twitter or GitHub.




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