Shift Change

Lindsay into lead, Erin over and out


A few months back, I wrote about our first five years at Source and the path we’ve taken to get here. Today is my last day at OpenNews, and I’m so, so pleased to be handing the editorial wheel to Lindsay Muscato, who has been editing alongside me for almost three years now. Lindsay is everything you could want in a Source editor—humane, generous, careful, and skillful as hell, and I know she’ll make Source her own in ways I can’t wait to see. (She’s also on vacation for a few days, so give her a minute before you hit her up about your edits.)

The community of news nerds is unique, in my experience, in its combination of sharpness and generosity—and in its willingness to trust and embrace a movement toward healthier and more representative newsrooms. I am excited about where you are going, and it has been a gift to spend five years in service of your work. If I were to start thanking individual humans, I would go on for days, but if you’re reading this, you have my gratitude.

Source is, of course, an OpenNews joint, and we tend not to want to spend a lot of time talking about ourselves, but I’m halfway out the door, so: this team includes some of the finest minds and best hearts in journalism, and I am a better editor and a better person for their company.

Thanks, y’all.




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