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Backstage changes and a new editorial opening

An anciente mappe of Fairyland: newly discovered and set forth (Boston Public Library)

We’re planning many changes and additions to Source over the course of 2015. I’ll write about those as they happen, but our first announcement is about changes behind the scenes. As my role at OpenNews has changed from editor of Source to editorial lead for all our programs, I’ve had to step back from some of the site’s daily editorial and production work. That’s still work that needs doing, so I am very happy to announce a new opening for an assistant editor, to join me and the rest of the team in keeping Source watertight and pointed in the right direction. If that sounds like you or someone you know, please take a look at the job description and send us a résumé.

On a more wrenching note, our brilliant Learning editor, Kio Stark—now senior producer on WNYC’s Data News team, as well as an instructor at ITP—will be stepping down from her official editorial role at Source. Kio helped shape the entirety of Source Learning, and has been the curious brain and reassuring editorial hand behind a huge percentage of the best pieces we’ve published.

The new role we’re hiring for won’t be a replacement for Kio, because it would be impossible to replace Kio. Instead, as we iteratively redesign Source to serve the evolving needs of the community, we’ll be rolling Learning up into the main body of Source content—and the questioning, rigorous approach Kio has brought to the longer-form Learning content will play a larger role in all the things we produce. (We’re also going to do our best to trick Kio into hanging out at SRCCON, and don’t be surprised if you see her guest-editing from time to time.)

Finally, I should note that our wonderful part-time production lead, Casey Gollan, has been gradually pulled away to focus on his work with the School for Poetic Computation. Casey has been a source of joy in the most eye-watering late-night distributed proofreading sessions, and we miss him already.

We look forward to launching a lot of new things this year, and remain, as always, hugely grateful to the community of developers, designers, and data journalists working in and around news for being so willing to show and share your work.





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