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  1. Don’t Delete Evil Data

    By Lam Thuy Vo

    Posted on

    There’s a lot of bad data floating around—bad as in abusive or part of a criminal enterprise—and we should archive it, structure it and make it accessible to the public.

  2. Democracy Depends on How We Archive and Share Data

    By Mar Cabra

    Posted on

    What we do with data and documents after our reporting is done has a significant effect on the health of our democracies, says Mar Cabra, former head of the ICIJ Data & Research Unit.

  3. SRCCON Spotlight: Keeping Data Stories Human

    By Erin Kissane and William Wolfe-Wylie

    Posted on

    One of the SRCCON 2016 sessions that attendees talked about most was “Keeping People at the Forefront of Data Stories,” facilitated by William Wolfe-Wylie and based on his experience working on the CBC News project, “Missing and Murdered: The Unsolved Cases of Indigenous Women and Girls.”

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