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Lam Thuy Vo is a senior reporter at BuzzFeed News. You can follow her work on Twitter @lamthuyvo.

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  1. The Twitterverse of Donald Trump, In 26,234 Tweets

Articles by Lam Thuy

  1. Mining Social Media: Finding Stories in Internet Data

    An excerpt from Lam Thuy Vo’s new book for journalists on how to analyze social media data.

    Posted on

    Today we’re featuring an excerpt from Mining Social Media: Finding Stories in Internet Data by Lam Thuy Vo, which is being released this week.

  2. Don’t Delete Evil Data

    The case for archiving online misconduct and abuse

    Posted on

    There’s a lot of bad data floating around—bad as in abusive or part of a criminal enterprise—and we should archive it, structure it and make it accessible to the public.

  3. What We Learned from Staring at Social Media Data for a Year

    BuzzFeed News explored how filter bubbles skew our views, how automation sways social dynamics, and other dystopian things

    Posted on

    The things you learn from staring at social media data for a year.

  4. Five Years in News Nerd Careers

    A state-of-the-community roundtable to celebrate Source’s anniversary

    Posted on

    Marking our five-year anniversary with a community roundtable on what’s changed since we launched.

  5. Playing with Suspense in Data Visualizations

    How we conveyed the bewildering speed and volume of a trolling attack

    Posted on

    For a recent story about how Washington Post editor Doris Truong became the center of a partisan online flame war, we wanted to illustrate what happens when a person becomes part of viral false story and subject to online trolling.

  6. The Twitterverse of Donald Trump, In 26,234 Tweets

    How we scraped and analyzed the data

    Posted on

    We wanted to get a better idea of where President-elect Donald Trump gets his information. So we analyzed everything he has tweeted since he launched his campaign to take a look at the links he has shared and the news sources they came from. But first, we had to get the tweets.

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