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  1. How We Made a Story That Changes Based on Your Birth Year

    By Lindsay Muscato and Soo Oh

    Posted on

    Vox’s recent interactive on teen health asks the user for their birth year and then, based on that, changes the text of the story. We thought it was a fascinatingly personal way to contextualize CDC health data, leveraging readers’ innate curiosity about how they stack up. We talked to developer Soo Oh about the process.

  2. How We Made “Behind the Bloodshed”

    By Anthony DeBarros, Destin Frasier, Erin Kissane, and Juan Thomassie

    Posted on

    “Behind the Bloodshed: The Untold Story of America’s Mass Killings,” is a collaboration between the database team at USA Today and Gannett Digital’s interactive applications and design teams. We chatted with Anthony DeBarros of Gannett Digital, with input from colleagues Juan Thomassie and Destin Frasier, on how the project came together.

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