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Articles tagged: bias

  1. Aim to Misbehave: Allies and Privileges in Media Creation

    By Sydette Harry and Gabriela Rodríguez Berón

    Posted on

    A SRCCON 2017 workshop on privilege, journalism, and dreaming of something better.

  2. Analyzing Emotional Language in 21 Million News Articles

    By Yelena Mejova

    Posted on

    All of us have encountered a particularly emotionally charged news article, with every word betraying the author’s bias. But a single reader would have to be a dedicated follower of a news organization to really understand how much opinion is habitually betrayed in its work. To find out how carefully major news organizations moderate their language in articles on controversial topics, we at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) used computational techniques to analyze millions of articles from 15 large news organizations in the U.S. Some agencies, we found, do not shy from emotion-laden and biased rhetoric—the Huffington Post and Washington Post, for example. But we also found that, on average, the use of highly emotional language is curbed, pointing to possible self-moderation.

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