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Articles tagged: climate change

  1. How We Made “The Melting of Antarctica”

    By Lauren Tierney

    Posted on

    For over 120 years, National Geographic magazine has mapped Antarctica, and continues to visually illustrate the complex processes that occur on this remote continent. The tradition continues with “The Melting of Antarctica,” published in the July 2017 issue, highlighting the effect that climate change is having on the continent.

  2. Finding Evidence of Climate Change in a Billion Rows of Data

    By Brian Abelson

    Posted on

    Seeking to contribute to the climate change conversation, the team at Enigma started to brainstorm ways we could produce a data-driven story on how climate change has played out in the United States. Browsing through NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, we discovered the Global Historical Climatology Network which collects, aggregates, and standardizes daily weather information from more than 90,000 weather stations, dating as far back as 1800. While we come across many incredible public datasets in our work at Enigma, this one immediately stood out for its remarkable combination of geographic granularity and temporal breadth

  3. How We Made “Your Warming World”

    By Peter Aldhous, Chris Amico, and Erin Kissane

    Posted on

    New Scientist’s Peter Aldhous and NPR’s Chris Amico break down the data, mapping, and interface details of their collaboration on Your Warming World.

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