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  1. How We Made the Washington Post Eclipse-Scroller

    By Bonnie Berkowitz, Armand Emamdjomeh, Laris Karklis, Denise Lu, and Tim Meko

    Posted on

    With the coming eclipse, we wanted to build a very detailed map of the parts of America that would experience totality. We also wanted to show what the shadow of the eclipse would look like as it traversed the country.

  2. Same Diff: Following the Eclipse Trackers

    By David Yanofsky

    Posted on

    A roundup of the custom-designed, interactive news items that helped readers prepare for and understand a solar eclipse.

  3. Things You Made, Aug 17

    By Lindsay Muscato

    Posted on

    Our latest roundup from the world of journalism and code.

  4. How We Built a Lifetime Eclipse Predictor

    By Denise Lu

    Posted on

    The idea for our lifetime eclipse-finder project is based around a widely used NASA database of eclipse predictions. The data is dense (5,000 years worth) and I was surprised that nobody in the media dataviz community has really taken advantage of the dataset, in recent years at least.

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