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Articles tagged: equity

  1. What kind of change could we create, if we truly came together?

    By Sisi Wei

    Posted on

    We heard repeatedly in 2020 that people wanted a space dedicated to anti-racism and equity work, where they could also share working knowledge and ask questions. So many people scattered across journalism organizations are already trying to make their newsrooms anti-racist and equitable — what kind of changes could we bring about if we worked together, shared knowledge together, took action together, and helped each other?

  2. Newsroom Execs and Managers: Ways to Uphold Your Diversity and Inclusivity Values During COVID-19

    By Sisi Wei

    Posted on

    Our values are even more important during a crisis. Here are a few practical strategies for thinking through tough decisions in an equitable and inclusive way.

  3. How to Diversify Your Newsroom, Starting Now

    By Emma Carew Grovum

    Posted on

    Emma Carew Grovum’s action steps toward diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizational cultures.

  4. Acknowledging Our Full Selves

    By Erika Owens

    Posted on

    We know that each of us brings our identities, our experiences, our communities with us into this work. We work to make SRCCON a space where folks can feel able to explore how our selves shape our journalism, and find support from one another. And this year, with a relentless news cycle and threats to our communities and journalism itself, we needed space to acknowledge both the pain and the power we carry with us.

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