Emma Carew Grovum

Emma Carew Grovum is a journalist and technologist in New York City.

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Emma’s work on Source


  1. Practical Tips for Improving Mental Health in the Newsroom
  2. SRCCON: How Not to Skew Data with Statistics

Articles by Emma

  1. How to Start Taking Digital Security More Seriously

    Any journalist can be a target, no matter their role. It’s time to take more steps toward security.

    Posted on

    A starter pack of ideas for increasing the security of your digital footprint.

  2. How to Be an Ally in the Newsroom

    Anyone can be a better ally to their marginalized colleagues, starting right now.

    Posted on

    Step outside your comfort zone, step up to support your friends and colleagues, and act boldly to advocate for inclusion.

  3. How to Diversify Your Newsroom, Starting Now

    Emma Carew Grovum on taking steps toward an equitable and inclusive organization

    Posted on

    Emma Carew Grovum’s action steps toward diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizational cultures.

  4. Five Years in News Nerd Careers

    A state-of-the-community roundtable to celebrate Source’s anniversary

    Posted on

    Marking our five-year anniversary with a community roundtable on what’s changed since we launched.

  5. A Guide to Overcoming Debilitating Personality Traits

    Tips and advice from SRCCON 2017 on navigating social interactions and mental health at work

    Posted on

    How to navigate tricky social interaction and personality traits, with advice from SRCCON 2017.

  6. 5 Things I Learned at AAJA’s iCON (and a Few Things I’m Still Considering)

    A Report Back from a Clarifying Weekend

    Posted on

    Reflections on iCON, the Asian American Journalists Association’s event in Miami last month.

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