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  1. Running scrapers on GitHub to simplify your workflow

    By Iris Lee

    Posted on

    How the LAT Data and Graphics team uses GitHub Actions to keep code and data in one place, and track scraper history for free.

  2. An Open Guide to Zika Data

    By Erin Kissane and Jeremy Singer-Vine

    Posted on

    Over a month after Brazil declared a state of emergency in response to a Zika outbreak, clear information on the virus is hard to come by. On Monday, BuzzFeed’s Jeremy Singer-Vine started an open guide to Zika-related data, to collect what we do know and help other journalists do the same. It points to resources like global and country-specific data on the spread of the virus, its mosquitos, and microcephaly, from respected sources. We asked why he started it, how he curates it, and where he can use everyone’s help.

  3. Better Documentation Is Within Reach

    By Noah Veltman

    Posted on

    Good docs help people use your work, but they have other benefits too. They encourage community contributions. They save you from your past self when you’re revisiting your own code six months from now. And they help you think: much like talking to a rubber duck helps you find bugs, carefully documenting your work for users helps you see it from a different perspective and design better code.

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