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  1. How We Made the Force Report Database

    By Carla Astudillo and Erin Petenko

    Posted on

    How we made a database of every time N.J. cops punched, kicked, or used other force over a five-year period, and a series of stories to go with it.

  2. How We Publish Live Chats with Slack

    By Andrew Briz

    Posted on

    Creating a newsroom tool from scratch.

  3. How We Found New Patterns in LA’s Homeless Arrest Data

    By Christine Zhang

    Posted on

    How we got the numbers on arrests of the homeless in LA, how we vetted the numbers, and, most importantly, how we found the story behind—and beyond—the numbers.

  4. Black Box Be Gone: Tools for Human-Optimized Data Analysis

    By Hannah Cushman

    Posted on

    Choosing the right tools for literate data analysis can make it much easier on your team. Here’s a few suggestions, from the team at DataMade.

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