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  1. How We Made the New Big Mac Index Interactive

    By Martín González, Evan Hensleigh, Matt McLean, Marie Segger, and Alex Selby-Boothroyd

    Posted on

    A walkthrough of making an iconic index new again.

  2. Membrane: An Experiment in Permeable Publishing

    By Jane Friedhoff

    Posted on

    Over the last several months, the New York Times R&D Lab has been thinking about the future of online communities, particularly those communities and conversations that form around news organizations and their journalism. When we think about community discussion, we typically think about comments sections below our articles, or outside forums that link to our content (Twitter, Reddit, etc.). But what comes after free-text comments? To explore this further, we developed Membrane, which is an experiment in permeable publishing. By permeable publishing, we mean a new form of reading experience, in which readers may “push back” through the medium to ask specific, contextual (and constrained) questions of the author.

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