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  1. Tell Us About Your Work in Journalism Tech

    By Erika Owens

    Posted on

    Journalists spend a lot of time with data, sometimes that data is even about themselves. Last year, over 500 “news nerds”—the developers, designers, editors, data analysts, and product folks who work with tech and journalism every day—told us about their teams, newsrooms, and what would help them in this work. The results helped shape our work at Source and OpenNews, and folks found it so useful that we’ve brought it back as an annual News Nerd Survey.

  2. FOIA Data Models for Everyone

    By Jeremy B. Merrill

    Posted on

    Best practices for FOIA requests.

  3. What I Learned from Researching Newsroom On-boarding and Off-Boarding Processes

    By Sandhya Kambhampati

    Posted on

    As a Knight-Mozilla fellow, I wanted to do some type of research during my fellowship that could benefit the news community. During my 10-month fellowship in Berlin in 2016, I spent about eight months researching, collecting data and interviewing reporters, editors, managers, and directors about their on-boarding and off-boarding processes.

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