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Jeremy B. Merrill is an programmer/journalist at the New York Times and a core developer on the Tabula project. He likes building things—especially tools for finding the story amid all the digital noise.

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  1. Tabula


  1. When Bots Get Together: Part 2
  2. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Elections Scraping
  3. Getting a Job in Journalism Code
  4. Introducing Tabula
  5. Free the Files API + Q&A with Al Shaw

Articles by Jeremy B.

  1. FOIA Data Models for Everyone

    How the pros track and organize their FOIA processes

    Posted on

    Best practices for FOIA requests.

  2. What Is the Sound of PunditBot Yapping?

    Everything I learned making a Twitter bot that doesn’t understand causation

    Posted on

    The best PunditBot can do is imitate cable-news pundits or sports commentators filling airtime with useless predictions, largely because it lacks a human’s domain knowledge and ethical drive to use journalism to inform democracy and craft a fairer society. My experiment with PunditBot makes me bearish on independent robotic journalists (and bearish on human TV pundits) but I’m optimistic for a future of human-robot journalism teams.

  3. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Elections Scraping

    The Fine Art of Anticipating and Catching Errors in Deeply Weird Data

    Posted on

    Jeremy Merrill and Ken Schwencke explore the fine art of anticipating and catching errors while wrangling the eccentricities of US elections data.

  4. Getting a Job in Journalism Code

    Two recent grads want to calm your job search fears

    Posted on

    Job hunting can be an intimidating process, especially for recent grads or people looking to break into a new field. The journalism tech community is a welcoming place for new faces and Sisi Wei and Jeremy B. Merrill want to help you overcome any fears and apply for jobs and internships in this growing and evolving field.

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