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  1. Text, Audio, and Meaning: Lessons from TextAV

    By Molly Schwartz

    Posted on

    A look back at a three-day working group on how captions and transcripts can improve the audio and video production process.

  2. Subverting the Story Model

    By Tyler Fisher

    Posted on

    Let’s articulate the problem. There are too many damn Trump stories. The emergence of products like What The Fuck Just Happened Today?, the New York Times’ The Daily and FiveThirtyEight’s TrumpBeat are a clear indication that audiences are clamoring for a more distilled, high-level view of everything happening at once.

  3. How NPR Transcribes and Fact-Checks the Debates, Live

    By Tyler Fisher

    Posted on

    For the presidential debate season, NPR is providing live transcripts of the debate with embedded fact checks and annotations throughout each debate night. Coordinating the workflow between live transcriptions, live fact-checking, and a live-updating page inside of our CMS was no small undertaking, resulting in what may have been our team’s most complicated technical architecture yet.

  4. The Great SRCCON Brain Dump

    By Erin Kissane

    Posted on

    SRCCON, the first-ever OpenNews conference, wrapped up last Friday night at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia. As Quartz’s Nikhil Sonnad notes in his wrap-up post, the problem with even the most energetic and inspiring conference is that the motivation found often fades when everyone returns to the daily hustle and sprint. Like Sonnad, we’re confident that the news-code community that showed up in force at SRCCON has the stamina and sustained interest to maintain the momentum that built up in sessions and around the coffee-hacking stations, and we want to help with that as much as possible. We also want to scoop up as much of the energy and intensity and brain-sharing from SRCCON as we can and pour it out into the wider world that couldn’t fit into the physical conference itself.

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