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Pitches due Sept. 5 for Work Week on Source, so get ‘em in now

SRCCON 2015 participants, looking industrious. (Erik Westra for OpenNews)

As we head into September, we’re gearing up for our first annual Work Week at Source. Like our annual #botweek, Work Week will collect a batch of thematically connected articles—this time, about workflow, project management, team structure and communication, burnout, and lots more along those lines. This year, Work Week will run September 14–18, and we want your work in the mix.

What We’re Looking For

Most pieces will be 1,500–2,500 words long, and they’ll include process descriptions, advice, and strategies grounded in real projects or discussions.

Shorter Source pieces don’t pay, but if you’d be interested in taking it further and doing a reported piece or round table, we have a small budget set aside for paid reported pieces ($200–300/article), and also for lengthier case-study pieces like those on Source Learning, which pay $500/article—these pieces usually take several weeks to to think through and write, but you’re welcome to pitch one and talk through potential timelines if you have a more ambitious project in mind.

When We Need It

Work Week pitches are due by Friday, September 5. You can pitch by writing to source@opennews.org and telling us what you’d like to write about, and we’ll get right back to you. All drafts are due by Tuesday, September 8.

Bring Us Your Nerds

Lastly, if you know someone you’ve been meaning to nudge to write for Source, this is a great introductory chance, especially for folks in smaller newsrooms who wrestle with extra time-management challenges—and who don’t usually get to write “How we made this giant expensive project” articles. If you can think of someone who should be writing for us, please send them our way!




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