If It Needs a Sign, It’s Probably Bad Design

Learning / columns design If It Needs a Sign, It’s Probably Bad Design

Adding more text is a bad way to compensate for bad design.

More case studies:

Learning Five Things I Learned Making a Chart Out of Body Parts

Last year, an interactive graphic about insurance turned out to be one of ProPublica’s most popular pieces of the year. I’m going to tell you about some things we learned in the process of designing and building it, from its bovine origin story to the challenges of visualizing an eyeball.

Learning errors failure Too Human (Not) to Fail

Too Human (Not) to Fail

Lots of everyday objects are designed to prevent errors—saving clumsy and forgetful humans from our own mistakes or protecting us from worst-case scenarios. Sometimes designers make it impossible for us to mess up, other times they build in a backup plan for when we inevitably do. But regardless, the solution is baked right into the design.

Learning typography usability How Typography Can Save Your Life

How Typography Can Save Your Life

Typography is an aesthetic choice, but it’s also an interface element that can help keep drivers and astronauts safe—or put real people in danger.

Learning Seeing the Error of Your Ways

Seeing the Error of Your Ways

Chances are, you probably think your mind works pretty well. But, in reality, our brains fool us all the time with blind spots and biases. So what can we do about it? Let’s examine how graphics, including charts, interactives and other visual tools, can help show us the shortcomings of our own minds.

Learning Data Journalism Should Thrive on Cross-Border Collaborations—Why Doesn’t It?

Data Journalism Should Thrive on Cross-Border Collaborations—Why Doesn’t It?

Mixed skill sets, varying audiences and a basic lack of agreement on the purpose of journalism stand in the way of multi-country, data-driven journalism. But Eva Constantaras says the potential is too great to give up on.

Learning natural language processing Python Code Convening Introducing broca

Introducing broca

Made at our recent code convening, broca creates a system for easier experimentation and implementation of natural language processing.

Learning design On Repeat

On Repeat

GIFs and other looped images are mightier than journalists might imagine. Lena Groeger explains the legend, the myth, the GIF.

Learning education Why Journalism Students Don’t Learn CS

Why Journalism Students Don't Learn CS

Opportunities overfloweth in journalism code—so why aren’t more journalism students signing up for computer science classes? Lindsey Cook reports back on a year of research.

Learning primer Audio in the Browser: Horrors and Joys

Audio in the Browser: Horrors and Joys

On the web, audio has never received the wide browser support that images and videos have enjoyed. What gives? What’s next?

Learning data Automating Transparency

Automating Transparency

Sometimes you write a piece of software and it gets used for purposes you didn’t quite imagine at the time. Sometimes you write a piece of software and it unexpectedly rearranges your life.

Learning design The Evolution of NPR’s Picture Stories

The Evolution of NPR's Picture Stories

How NPR’s picture stories have changed—and the design principles and iterative work behind all the changes.

Learning data Consider the Boolean

Consider the Boolean

The challenge of using binary data structures in a complicated world.

Learning data Understanding Households and Relationships in Census Data

Understanding Households and Relationships in Census Data

The Census Bureau’s population counts make trends in household makeup easy to track. All you need are two things: an understanding of how the Census asks Americans about households and relationships, and where to find the right tables amid the haystack of tabulations. That’s what this post aims to help you with.

Learning visualization Connecting with the Dots

Connecting with the Dots

Jake Harris on data visualization, empathy, and representing people with dots

Learning data Marriage Data: It’s Complicated

Marriage Data: It's Complicated

D’Vera Cohn on Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Marriage Data But Were Afraid to Ask

Learning data Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Elections Scraping

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Elections Scraping

Jeremy Merrill and Ken Schwencke explore the fine art of anticipating and catching errors while wrangling the eccentricities of US elections data.