How to Use the Census Bureau's American Community Survey like a Pro

Learning / data How to Use the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey like a Pro

Paul Overberg explains base tables and how to get the best data from them (hint: ask good questions!).

More case studies:

Learning process Developing Data Journalists in the Developing World

Developing Data Journalists in the Developing World

Eva Constantaras on training data journalists where data journalism isn’t a standard practice.

Learning data Human-Assisted Reporting Gets the Story

Human-Assisted Reporting Gets the Story

Tyler Dukes on combining the power of data-sorting tools with old-fashioned digging.

Learning process Making Remote Work Work

Making Remote Work Work

Christopher Groskopf’s tricks for going to the office without going to the office.

Learning process The Evolution of News Tech Teams

The Evolution of News Tech Teams

Vox Media’s VP of technology breaks down the hard and frequently messy lessons his organization has learned about clearing the way for successful tech collaboration in newsrooms.

Learning data How to Make a News App in Two Days

How to Make a News App in Two Days

As part of the orientation week for the 2014 class of Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellows, fellow nerd-cuber Mike Tigas and I led a hackathon at Mozilla’s headquarters in San Francisco…

Learning visualization How and Why Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Rocks

How and Why Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Rocks

Wes Lindamood explains the magic of working together from the start with a UX-driven process

Learning mapping Choosing the Right Map Projection

Choosing the Right Map Projection

Michael Corey’s guide to smashing the earth for fun and profit

Learning ethics Making Good News Judgments

Making Good News Judgments

Shane Shifflett on the fine art of news judgment and why it’s as important for data journalists as ace coding skills.

Learning data Open Your Data

Open Your Data

Waldo Jaquith on the whys and wherefores of making it open

Learning data And Remember, this Is for Posterity

And Remember, this Is for Posterity

Jacob Harris on the hows and whys of designing interactives to survive the future.

Learning data Building News Apps on a Shoestring

Building News Apps on a Shoestring

Alan Palazzolo on how the MinnPost team rocks it without a big budget

Learning data Well Hello, Census

Well Hello, Census

Joe Germuska on the iterative, human-centered process that’s made the new Census Reporter project especially awesome.

Learning data Using Big Data to Ask Big Questions

Using Big Data to Ask Big Questions

Chase Davis lays down some data science upon us to change how you think about the questions you’re asking of your data

Learning data The Times Regrets the Programmer Error

The Times Regrets the Programmer Error

Jake Harris opens a serious barrel of monkeys about when and how to issue corrections for data journalism.

Learning data Kill All Your Darlings

Kill All Your Darlings

Matt Waite on what to do when things don’t work out like you planned.

Learning data People Power Prevails!

People Power Prevails!

John Keefe on tracking the cicada pestilence with open source sensor journalism and crowdsourced data collection

Learning data Telling Your Boss “No”

Telling Your Boss "No"

Matt Waite says just because you can make it doesn’t mean you should