Things You Made, February 13

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(Michael Hogue, DallasNews)

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Things You Made

Recent projects and pieces that felt noteworthy, with emphasis on things coming from non-coastal and smaller newsrooms.

Washington Nurses, Health Care Workers Are Dying of Opioid Overdoses

(The Spokesman-Review, Feb 8, 2018)
Heathcare providers are among those dying of overdose, despite all their medical training and experience treating addicts.

Lawsuits, Claims Just the Cost of Doing Business for Yakima

(Yakima Herald, Feb 5, 2018)
Insurance claims and lawsuits against the city of Yakima, WA, reveal data on crashes, water damage, sewer backups, and more.

How the Dallas SWAT Team Cornered and Killed the July 7 Police Shooter

(DallasNews, Feb 2, 2018)
Precise, sometimes graphic breakdown of what happened the night a combat-trained Army veteran killed five Dallas police offers.

Wissen Sie noch, wo die Berlin teilte? (Do You Remember Where the Wall Divided Berlin?)

(Berliner Morgenpost, Jan 29, 2018)
Draw-your-own mapping feature looking back at the 43-kilometer wall that divided the city.

Rising Sea Levels

(Correctiv, ongoing)
Detailed interactive mapping of potentially catastrophic sea-level rise at 500 points around the globe.

University of Michigan Pours Billions Into Funds Run by Contributors’ Firms

(Detroit Free Press, Feb 1, 2018)
Much of the university’s 11-billion-dollar endowment is invested in firms run by advisers and alumni.

This Is Ajit Pai’s Official Calendar for the Months Leading Up to the Net Neutrality Repeal

(Motherboard, Jan 25, 2018)
The FCC chair’s agenda reveals days packed with back-to-back calls with industry executives.

Battling Treacherous Office Chairs and Aching Backs, Aging Cops and Firefighters Miss Years of Work and Collect Twice the Pay

(Los Angeles Times, Feb 3, 2018)
A classic deep-dive data investigation into police and fire department employees who collected extra pay while taking years of paid leave for minor ailments.

A Kingdom from Dust

(California Sunday, Jan 31, 2018)
Drought threatens the empire of the biggest farmer in the United States—illustrated, hyperdetailed longform.

We Were So Glad We Read These

Why we can’t live without screenshots. Help transcribe anti-slavery manuscripts. Houses that spy—and annoy. “Hashtags like #PitchThisPerson can help POC freelancers circumvent editors or publications who are known to treat freelancers with little to no respect.” Research and advice on building audience revenue programs. The Bill Cunningham of breakfast lives in Chicago. Visualizing the debate: Can Rihanna sing? The Pudding’s Greetings from Mars. Finding and showing the data in bruises. Search the National Library of Norway. Create a globe to map earthquake data, in an Observable Notebook. Queering the map.

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