Project video sync Video Synchronization for Collective Viewing

POV’s Brian Chirls on why video sync is a giant pain and how to make it work.

Project video Empire: Lessons from Pushing the Boundaries of Web Video

Empire: Lessons from Pushing the Boundaries of Web Video

Brian Chirls introduces an ambitious video framework for a challenging interactive documentary.

Interview video popcorn kettlecorn JavaScript Forking Popcorn for a Journalist Audience

Forking Popcorn for a Journalist Audience

At the Mozilla Festival last fall, a team from the Broadcasting Board of Governors launched KettleCorn, their fork of the Mozilla video-editing tool Popcorn.

Project video Video.js data viz D3 jQuery How We Made “NSA Files: Decoded”

How We Made "NSA Files: Decoded"

The Guardian’s Gabriel Dance and Feilding Cage break down their process, from storyboards and video production to major design changes and development challenges.

How-to video Varnish Django traffic Live Streaming History

Live Streaming History

The Texas Tribune’s Travis Swicegood explains how his organization handled a massive, unexpected wave of traffic when they became the only news organization closely covering the SB 5 filibuster in Texas.

Learning data London Calling: Winning the Data Olympics

London Calling: Winning the Data Olympics

Jacqui Maher on wrangling massively complex, really messy data in (almost) realtime.