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Stacy-Marie Ishmael is a writer, editor, and product manager.

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  1. Ms. Management: Driving Our Employees Over the Edge

    In an industry that valorizes overwork and toxic coping strategies, we can model something different

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    Our fetishisation of stoicism means we tend to dismiss deteriorating mental health breakdowns as mere distractions, best treated with an hour or so of venting to colleagues and several infusions of hard liquor.

  2. Ms. Management: I Hope You Find the Time to Read this Column

    The difficulty of soft power + bias in job listings

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    If you’re the kind of person who is into both checks on the executive branch and the finer points of employment law, you may already have come across the case of KNTV, Inc. and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, AFLCIO. If not—and who can blame you—a quick primer: that case set the precedent that an employer’s use of the phrase “I hope you” could be reasonably construed as “coercive.”

  3. Ms. Management: Whose Stories Do We Consider?

    Facing the sum of our unconscious decisions + resources for managers

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    On books, checklists, and the cumulative effect of unconscious decisions.

  4. Ms. Management: The Hard Work of Hiring Well

    Rethinking hiring begins with the very first interview

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    In this installment of Ms. Management, we learn why a better interview process is better for everyone, not just the applicants.

  5. Ms. Management: This Isn’t the Diverse Newsroom You’re Looking For

    How managers can go beyond acknowledging the problem and start making a real difference

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    The first column in the “Ms. Management” series: how newsroom managers can take more tangible steps to increase newsroom diversity.

  6. You Talking to Me?

    The next wave of news bots are already installed in your readers’ and listeners’ homes

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    From BuzzFeed’s BuzzBot, an emoji-heavy offering designed to deliver updates about the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to CNN’s more traditional approach, news bots were suddenly everywhere. And then they weren’t.

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