Farewell, SRCCON 2017

Two days of work and culture sessions with newsroom nerds from all over

(Photo courtesy Erik Westra)

This year’s SRCCON—our fourth—brought together another incredible group of humans to talk, draw, play, work on solving hard problems, and spend time together in the midst of a pretty fraught moment in journalism. The short version:

We came (back!) to a beautiful space in Minneapolis.

Some of us had to work incredibly hard to get here.

Folks went outdoors and pulled data out of the air.

People drew things. (Some of us had never drawn anything before, but it didn’t matter.)

Participants burned, laserlike, through stacks of hard problems.

And others reminded us about critical things we forget.

More than anything, everyone who made it to SRCCON set aside time to put energy and attention and support back into the community, which is what this whole thing is about.

We will miss seeing you in this glorious spaceship.

Later this month, we’ll be posting articles and resources based on many SRCCON sessions, ICYMI. For now, have a look at the transcripts and notes and turn your eyes toward SRCCON:WORK, coming this December 7 & 8 to Philadelphia.



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