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  1. Stuck in a Rut? Tackle Newsroom Frustrations With Board Games

    By Sara Konrad Baranowski and Andrea Suozzo

    Posted on

    For our SRCCON session, we wanted to capture some of these workplace frustrations, but approach solutions in a different way. What if, instead of feeling discouraged and overwhelmed, we developed processes to boil those challenges down to their basic elements—people involved, tasks, obstacles and goals? What if we figured out how to tackle each challenge in a measured way, one step at a time?

  2. Building Better Story Formats for Live Coverage

    By Hamilton Boardman, Alastair Coote, and Tiff Fehr

    Posted on

    Live coverage is a big challenge for newsrooms. It sits at the intersection of high stress moments and production-intensive story forms. We use a variety of tools to help us with breaking news, but they’re typically not forms we use day to day. And on top of that, we still need to think about improvements and new ways to reach our readers. SRCCON 2017 provided a unique opportunity for us to discuss the pros and cons of story forms we use for breaking news and live coverage.

  3. Databae, Better Bots, and the Automation We Need Right Now

    By Steven Rich and Aaron Williams

    Posted on

    Find practical approaches to creating software to cover democracy, from a SRCCON 2017 session

  4. Con el objetivo de mover el avispero

    By Sydette Harry and Gabriela Rodríguez Berón

    Posted on

    Durante Internet Freedom Festival (Festival para libertad en Internet apoyando derechos humanos en todo el mundo) al inicio de este año, Gabriela comenzó a facilitar una versión del taller que Valeria Aurora, de la iniciativa ADA y consultoría Frameshift Consulting, imparte para empresas en California. Intenta concientizar sobre la idea de solidaridad interpersonal y el trabajo de descubrir privilegios en nuestras propias vidas. Adaptamos este taller durante SRCCON 2017 para específicamente aplicarlo a nuestro trabajo en periodismo.

  5. Aim to Misbehave: Allies and Privileges in Media Creation

    By Sydette Harry and Gabriela Rodríguez Berón

    Posted on

    A SRCCON 2017 workshop on privilege, journalism, and dreaming of something better.

  6. Teaching and Brainstorming Inclusive Technical Metaphors

    By Nicole Zhu

    Posted on

    A session at SRCCON 2017 on inclusive metaphors in tech.

  7. A Guide to Overcoming Debilitating Personality Traits

    By Emma Carew Grovum and Yoohyun Jung

    Posted on

    How to navigate tricky social interaction and personality traits, with advice from SRCCON 2017.

  8. Social Engineering in Newsrooms with Hamilton and Burr

    By Hannah Birch

    Posted on

    Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, two of the most successful guys operating during the dawn of American politics, faced a problem very similar to the ones we have in newsrooms today. They wanted to get things done at a breakneck pace, but the politics of dealing with other people slowed them down. Journalists have a similar issue. When you work in news, it can feel like working with other people is as much—or more—work as the journalism itself.

  9. Acknowledging Our Full Selves

    By Erika Owens

    Posted on

    We know that each of us brings our identities, our experiences, our communities with us into this work. We work to make SRCCON a space where folks can feel able to explore how our selves shape our journalism, and find support from one another. And this year, with a relentless news cycle and threats to our communities and journalism itself, we needed space to acknowledge both the pain and the power we carry with us.

  10. Journalism Needs Better Skills Testing

    By Rachel Schallom

    Posted on

    The main takeaway was to be intentional about your hiring process.

  11. Caregiving in and around Journalism

    By Emily Goligoski

    Posted on

    The pressures on news staff to be resourceful and to deliver have never been greater. The stresses involved are compounded by our day-to-day caregiving responsibilities for our children, parents, and friends, among others.

  12. Farewell, SRCCON 2017

    By Erin Kissane and Lindsay Muscato

    Posted on

    What we did on our summer vacation SRCCON 2017.

  13. SRCCON Happens This Week, August 3 & 4

    By Lindsay Muscato

    Posted on

    Getting ready for SRCCON 2017, with sessions from our vault and a look at what’s coming up.

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